Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carol-Ann’s Top Ten Tips for Prepping Your House To Sell

1. Refresh the exterior
2. Spruce up the lawn and landscape
3. Create an inviting entry
4. Reduce clutter and furniture
5. Make minor repairs
6. Showcase your kitchen
7. Stage the furniture
8. Turn on the lights
9. Clean, clean, clean!
10. Add fresh touches

 The way you sell, is not the way you live!
Barb Schwarz

What ever you do, don't wing it!  I've seen owner-prepped homes so uncluttered that they are cold and stark.  I've seen "improvements" that have rendered the floor plan disfunctional. I see things with a neutral eye, since it is not my home. I know what things buyers want to see. Before you start, give me a call and together we'll develop a plan to give your house the best presentation possible.

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