Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Expert tree trimming around our home in Fearrington Village

Trees grow tall around here. Reaching for the light, they often grow to hang over drives and the houses themselves. We just had Tyndall Tree Services trim tree branches that presented potential safety hazards. Here are some photos of these professionals in action.
The Tyndal crew arrived with state of art equipment and set up in the drive
They can clime up trees to cut protruding branches
They employ an amazing extension  arm and bucket to reach branches way up
They employed a block and tackle to direct cut branches, protecting our Crape Myrtle below
Everything was shredded and our yard was cleaned up
Here is Allen Tyndall and his fabulous crew along with my sculpture Serene Moment
Watch a video about Tyndall Tree Service

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Early morning hike along Creekwood Trail with my bud Dominic

My young friend Dominic joined Stanley and me for a walk before breakfast along Creekwood Trail to the pond. It was a hot day in July, so we took our walk very early. The walk to and from the pond is about 3 miles. Here are some cool photos.

Dominic and Stanley
Watch out Dominic!
Dominic and Stanley having a pop tart snack at the tushrooms

We made a face out of rocks
See any fish Stanley?
One of the Arbor Day trees
King of the hill
Rock on Dominic

Sunday, May 21, 2017

An homage to Andy

Every garden and yard has dead fall and organic debris. In many communities, disposing of these materials is problematic and expensive. In the "Forrest Dweller Sculpture Garden", inspired by nature artist Andy Goldsworthy, we have created a living sculpture that integrates the various sculptural elements and affords ecological advantages for our property.

We routinely collect organic materials from our property and
carefully assemble them to a continuous "windrow" throughout the garden. The materials consist of branches that have fallen, weeds, wanted plants that have overgrown their places in beds and seasonal leaves. Some folks spend a lot of time and money to dispose of these materials. 

From an ecologianl point of view, these materials offer many advantages. First, they provide cover for numerous critters -- birds, rodents, snakes, insects etc. As they break down, they produce wonderful hummus. We "mine" our sculptures all the time for the "black gold" constantly being created underneith. As time procedes, plants find these fertile environments perfect, and fern and mosses begin to create wondrous berms.

Artistically, the natural assemblages serve to connect the various individual sculptures in the garden. It leads the way to walking trails, and directs the eye to vistas ahead.

It frames imdividual pieces to give the viewer perspective.

It defines "outdoor rooms" for comfortable places to stop and enjoy the art.

It tells the visitor just where to go for the next adventure.

It sends visitors in a new directions.

Finally, it introduces the casual and unsuspecting wanderer to the wonders of the art art that we have provided for them to enjoy.

We think that Andy Goldsworthy would approve.

Forrest at Organic Forrestry Studios
Fearrington Village, North Carolina

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Women of Fearrington sculpt for nature

Seven women participated in a fund-raising art class at Forrest Greenslade’s “Organic Forrestry Studio” in Fearrington Village. It was one of a series of classes offered by WOF to help support the organization’s charitable work in the area.

They first toured the “Forrest Dweller Sculpture Garden” to get inspired by the many humorous sculptures displayed there.

Greenslade had prepared materials to facilitate the women’s artistic experience. 

Each participant made two small hanging concrete sculptures – one for their own garden – one to hang on the Creekwood Nature Trail. 

Here are their creations:


After the sculptures cured we took a lovely walk on the trail and installed the donated faces by the large “tooshrooms”.

What fun!!!