Sunday, June 30, 2013

Paint Colors That Sell: Best Interior Home Choices

Next time you decide it's time to paint a room, or the whole house, there are many considerations, especially as to color(s).  This article might prove helpful.  Remember, it is also an opportunity to make your home a little greener by using a low or no VOC paint!

Paint Colors That Sell: Best Interior Home Choices

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Arbor Day in Fearrington Village -- March 22, 2013

Arbor Day is a tradition in North Carolina's Fearrington Village. Here is an email conversation among some of the folks who celebrated this year's event in Turtle Run / Windstone Park, where nine Eastern Redbud trees, native to the area, were planted. The trees were purchased by the Fearrington Homeowners Association (FHA) and the Fearrington Garden Club. Henry Castner, and volunteers of the Walk Fearrington Group cleared and cleaned up the planting site. After the planting, arborinst Frank McKeever led the group on a tour of the South Creekwood Trail, pointing out notable

Celebration of Arbor Day in Fearrington Village --  Photo Matthew Leavitt
trees. Arbor Day is organized by the Fearrington Green Scene, a committee of the FHA Board.

Participants: Carol-Ann Greenslade and Stanley the Sheltie, Frank and Chris McKeever, Debbie DiSabatino, Jason Welsch, Bob and Sandy Simmons, Matthew Leavitt, Jerry Redding, Jack and Zack Traywick, John Darling.

Arborist Frank McKeever planting Redbuds
Photo Matthew Leavitt
A big THANK YOU to Carol-Ann Greenslade for organizing the Fourth Annual Fearrington Village Arbor Day celebration.  In addition to inspiring many of us to participate, Carol-Ann shopped around and acquired nine Eastern Redbud trees ( Quercis Canadensis ) which were planted in the park at the corner of Windstone and Turtle Run. With the guidance and "sweat equity" of semi-retired professional arborist, Frank McKeever, and the significant preparation work of Henry Castner and his chain saw, the site was prepared, and the nine trees were planted.  For the time being they are being protected from deer rutting ( bucks damaging the bark by scraping it with their horns ) with metal fencing.  But in a week or two the beautiful pink buds of the trees will be in bloom for us all to enjoy.

The planting ceremony this past Friday afternoon was followed by a stroll along a portion of the Creekwood Trail, where the participants were treated to a very informative commentary by Frank McKeever about the the trees and plants in the area.

Arbor Day is a state holiday in Nebraska  -  where the idea apparently began many years ago.  In Nebraska it is celebrated in late April. But various states have chosen different times to acknowledge Arbor Day.  Here in North Carolina it is held on the "first Friday after March 15" ( don't ask me why ).

Once again, THANK YOU to Carol-Ann, and Frank and Henry for a job well done  -  and a contribution that we can appreciate for years to come !

 Jason Welsch
Member: Fearrington Village Green Scene

Frank McKeever on the trail
Photo Matthew Leavitt
Clever editor that he is, Jason, of course, left out his own name and his considerable "sweat contribution" not to mention that he was the first to apply some water to our new forest members.  I'm hoping that Carol-Ann has an organized roster of Gunga Dins who will keep them watered on a regular schedule through the summer and fall.  I'm sure if you wish to take a turn she will be glad to make a call to you!!  Let her know of your interest.


Thank you so much for your praise of Arbor  Day.  You forgot to mention your own significant contributions to the success of the day.  It is a true pleasure to finally have members of the Green Scene who understand the importance of trees .  I have a blog about living green.  May I have your permission to post your Arbor Day note on it, with my own addition of attribution to you and your deer preventive.

Thank you all for a memorable afternoon!  It opened a new world for me and I enjoyed every part of it.  What a wonderful community we have with volunteers and back breaking workers about....
Thank you so much.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Carol-Ann’s Top Ten Tips for Prepping Your House To Sell

1. Refresh the exterior
2. Spruce up the lawn and landscape
3. Create an inviting entry
4. Reduce clutter and furniture
5. Make minor repairs
6. Showcase your kitchen
7. Stage the furniture
8. Turn on the lights
9. Clean, clean, clean!
10. Add fresh touches

 The way you sell, is not the way you live!
Barb Schwarz

What ever you do, don't wing it!  I've seen owner-prepped homes so uncluttered that they are cold and stark.  I've seen "improvements" that have rendered the floor plan disfunctional. I see things with a neutral eye, since it is not my home. I know what things buyers want to see. Before you start, give me a call and together we'll develop a plan to give your house the best presentation possible.

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